Searchlab is licensed under LGPL 2.1 - you can use and integrate the searchlab into your own software.


The preferred way to obtain the software is using git. The source code is released simply by providing a git clone opportunity using this github account. To get the source code, just run

git clone

If you just want to download a zip file with all source, use this link:

Building the Application

We provide two methods to build-and-run the application: within a development enviromnment and with docker for production.

Development Environment Build

To build the searchlab, you need the following components:

  • python 3 and mkdocs which can simply be installed with pip install mkdocs
  • java 8 (or higher) which can be obtained i.e. from

The application is build in two steps:

  • first, the static web pages must be created:
cd ui
mkdocs build
  • second, the server must be compiled
./gradlew assemble
  • finally, the application can be started with
./gradlew run

The searchlab application can then be accessed at http://localhost:8400/

Production Environment Build

A docker release can be produced in one simple step: just run

docker build -t searchlab .

... and a docker image will be in your local docker image store which can be started with

docker run -d --rm -p 8400:8400 --name searchlab searchlab

Then the searchlab application can be accessed at http://localhost:8400/

Running the Application

If you don't want to set-up a development environment you can just run the docker images that we provide with dockerhub releases:

docker run -d --rm -p 8400:8400 --name searchlab yacy/searchlab