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What is Mastodon?

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microblogging network

It's a microblogging social network that brings the control back to your hands.

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Each Mastodon instance is independent, and anyone is free to run their own.

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open source

Mastodon is free, and its code is open-source.

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hosting provides you a hosting platform optimised to run Mastodon.



Mastodon comes pre-installed on all hosting plans.



Servers are kept updated and run the latest stable release of Mastodon.


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"And thanks to the wonderful @mastohost, I am up and running again with my own instance and Mastodon has never felt so slick :)"

"Supremely happy with My questions are answered super fast, uptime is amazing - really great service and hosting experience!"

"Having Hugo from Masto.Host manage the hosting side for us is a large part of the reason why Fosstodon has been so successful."

"If you want your own Masto instance, I can't recommend @hugo's service enough."

"If you are searching an easy way to manage your own instance, you are at the right place! offers great services and @hugo is really responsive for helping."

"Juuuust in case you haven't heard, @hugo is kind of a bad ass. I submit trouble report (without a ticket, because i'm a filthy casual) and he triaged/addressed in 4 minutes flat. now *that* is some response time I can get behind, because its better than any SLA I've ever actually experienced.

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