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Learn the essentials

Read Attribution Reporting.

Try the API

  1. Try the demo.
  2. Check the API status to learn about ways you can experiment with the API today.
  3. Experiment with the API.
  4. Experiment with summary reports
    • (Optional) Additional instructions for experimenting with the Aggregation Service running in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or local testing from decrypted debug reports will be made available soon.

Get support

Is anything blocking you from experimenting with the API? Please ask us!

To ask a question about your implementation, about the demo, or about the documentation:

If you notice any unexpected behaviour:

To ask more general questions on how to cover your use cases with the API, see Discuss the API.

Join the discussion

Everyone is welcome to join the discussion. In particular, if you're experimenting with the API, your feedback is essential.

Discuss the API

Like other Privacy Sandbox proposals, this API is documented and discussed publicly on GitHub. Read this proposal.

Get updates

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