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Delightful curated lists of free software, open science and information sources.


A curated list of applications for the Fediverse that are based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.



Emoji's for each entry provide additional information on project status:

  • ✔️ == added to live website at (Only set by @lostinlight)
  • 🎉 == projects that have successfully federated with this protocol
  • 👻 == inactive for over a year, or officially abandoned
  • ✔️ Aardwolf (site): Facebook-like social network connecting communities across the web AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • 🎉 ✔️ Akkoma (Fedi account): A community-driven fork of Pleroma with new features such as support for Misskey-flavored Markdown. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • ✔️ Bonfire Social (site, Fedi account): Your plug & play federated social network. Tend to your digital life in community. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • 🎉 ✔️ Calckey: An actively developed, community-driven fork of Misskey with many quality of life improvements for users and admins alike AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • Convene (site, Fedi account): Secure, affordable, private digital spaces for work and play. PPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 🎉 ✔️ Ecko (Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon to optimize toward community, that is making it as easy as possible to contribute AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 🎉 ✔️ Epicyon (site): ActivityPub server implementing S2S and C2S protocols, suitable for single board computers. Includes features such as moderation tools, post expiry, content warnings, and image descriptions AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ FlockingBird (site, Fedi account: social network for professionals (WIP)

  • 🎉 ✔️ FoundKey: A fork of Misskey with various bugfixes and improvements. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ Friendica (site): Personal network that helps to keep in contact with friends. Interface and functionality include common features of a mainstream social network AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • 🎉 ✔️ GNU social (site): Microblogging server with multiple plugins AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • 🎉 groundpolis: A microblogging service forked from Misskey AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ Glitch-soc (site, Fedi account): A friendly fork of Mastodon, with the aim of providing additional features at the risk of potentially less stable software AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • ✔️ GoToSocial (Fedi account): A headless Mastodon-compatible Fediverse server project, written in Golang. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • 🎉 ✔️ Hometown (Fedi account): A fork of Mastodon that provides local posting and a wider range of content types AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 🎉 ✔️ Honk (Fedi account): ActivityPub server with minimal setup and support costs ISC, Go

  • ✔️ Kanzaki: A Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in OCaml AGPL-3.0, OCaml

  • ✔️ Kepi (Fedi account): A Django-based microblogging server, written in Python, which supports the Mastodon protocol. GPL-2.0, Python

  • Kibou: Lightweight social networking server that implements Mastodon's REST API. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • 🎉 ✔️ Ktistec (Fedi account, site): A single-user ActivityPub server with minimal dependencies, using SQLite, server AGPL-3.0, Crystal

  • 🎉 ✔️ Kroeg (site): Generic ActivityPub server, with a focus on microblogging style activities Unknown , Rust

  • ✔️ lectrn (site): A social network for humans that is free, decentralized, open, and easy to use. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • ✔️ Lumen-ap-server (Fedi account): ActivityPub server using Lumen framework MIT, PHP

  • ✔️ mammoth (Fedi account): A federated social media platform implementing the ActivityPub specification for client/server and server/server communications. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ Mastodon (site): Epic microblogging network with many features and multiple interface layouts to choose from AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 🎉 ✔️ (site): Self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ MatticNote: ActivityPub compatible SNS that aims to be easy for everyone to use. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • ✔️ microstatus: Lightweight Mastodon and GNU Social-compatible server implementation ISC, Rust

  • 🎉 ✔️ Misskey (site): Interplanetary microblogging platform. Provides many additional features like calendar, emoji reactions, polls, games, and many other widgets AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ Mistpark 2020 aka 'misty' (site, Fedi account) - A webserver app that supports AP and Zot protocols, fork of Zap CC0-like, PHP

  • ✔️ Osada - a full featured social network application. Old repo abandoned by the developer in March 2019; recently moved to new repo

  • 🎉 ✔️ Pleroma (site): Microblogging platform AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • ✔️ pubgate: Lightweight ActivityPub CMS. Implements both client-to-server (C2S) and server-to-server(S2S) APIs. Compatible with Mastodon, Pixelfed, Pleroma and BSD-3-clause, Python

  • still considers adding ActivityPub

  • 🎉 ✔️ Roadhouse (site, Fedi account): Next gen Fediverse server. CC0-like, PHP

  • ✔️ Rustodon: Mastodon-compatible server AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Scuttlebutt: currently working on a bridge between SSB and AP networks.

  • Seppo (site, Fedi account): A server-side, single-user, Fediverse-integrated microblog engine. Creating static assets published by webserver. (Mirror at Codeberg) GPL-3.0, OCaml

  • Smalltown: A fork of Mastodon designed for civic communities looking to run their own social networks. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 🎉 ✔️ Smithereen: VKontakte-like social network, with friends, walls, photo albums and groups Unlicense, Java

  • 🎉 ✔️ Socialhome (site): Personal webpage with social networking functionality AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ Spritely (site, Fedi account): Research space for a next-gen distributed social network written in Racket and consisting of multiple projects, by AP specification co-author Christine Lemmer Webber. Apache-2.0, Racket

  • Streams (Fedi account): Public domain federated communications server. Provides a feature rich ActivityPub and Nomad communication node. Public domain and others, PHP

  • ✔️ Swanye (Fedi account): A tumblelog in the style of Tumblr. AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • 🎉 ✔️ Tavern (Fedi account): A minimalistic Activity Pub server. Think Mastodon, but smaller and with fewer features MIT, Go

  • ✔️ tranquility**: Small ActivityPub server written in Rust. MIT, Rust

  • Vagabond (site): A federated social network built with security and privacy in mind. GPL-3.0, Python

  • 🎉 ✔️ Zap (site, Fedi account): A webserver app that supports AP and Zot protocols CC0-like, PHP

  • 👻 Dolphin: Lightweight ActivityPub Server optimized for single-user. A fork and sister project of Misskey AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • 👻 fed: Trying to be a basic twitter-like service that works with ActivityPub. Based on Go-Fed GPL-3.0, Go

  • 👻 GangGo - Developer has suspended development for the foreseeable future

  • 👻 Jejune - A work-in-progress ActivityPub server designed to use constructions which provide functional security and resilience ISC license, Python

  • 👻 Kitsune: early alpha; no commits since November 2018; homepage down

  • 👻 MrBotchi (Fedi account): A federated microblogging platform for single-user - not updated since June 2020 AGPL-3.0, Go

  • 👻 Pylodon - Flask-based (Python) ActivityPub server , source code also on GitLab, no updates on either repo for about a year, nor on their Smilodon client app

  • 👻 Smilodon (server by Tuxcraft) - abandoned by developer "I'm now working on Sminos and so this will probably be 100% abandoned. There's not much to salvage, its code is cancer." Sminos appears to have never got beyond the initial commits

  • 👻 Technopolis (site, Fedi account): A globally interconnected micro-blogging platform inspired by Misskey - not updated since December 2020 AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • 👻 un chapeau: Server for the Mastodon protocol, implemented in Django. Latest commit - May 2019. AGPL-3.0, Python

Blog, Publishing, and Reading Apps

  • Dinolog (Fedi account): Utterly simplified and lightweight blogging protocol. (AP support planned. See toot) Unknown, Go

  • ✔️ (site): Article authoring and formating Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • Drupal (Fedi account): ActivityPub module for Drupal. GPL-2.0, PHP

  • ✔️ GoBlog (site, Fedi account): Simple blogging system written in Go MIT, Go

  • ✔️ Hubzilla (site): CMS with a range of groupware tools available as plug-ins MIT, PHP

  • Known (site, Fedi account): A collaborative social publishing engine (Working on AP support, see this issue). Apache-2.0, PHP

  • ✔️ Little Library: A digital give-a-book, take-a-book library for ebooks. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ Plume (site): Blogging application AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • ✔️ (site): Reading app by the devs of WriteFreely AGPL-3.0, Go

  • ✔️ WordPress - listed as a project on AP plug-in by, that allows users on AP apps to follow WP blogs, and comment on them, from an AP app

  • 🎉 ✔️ WriteFreely (site, Fedi account): Blog software AGPL-3.0, Go

  • ✔️ Yuforium (Fedi account): A federated community platform that focuses on federated communities so they are no longer constrained to a single entity. GPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • 👻 FediBlog (site): Fully customisable blog engine GPL-3.0, PHP

  • 👻 Lamia: Distributed blogging, polls, and status updates powered by activitypub, python, the gay agenda, and snake women. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • 👻 NoteIn: No commits since October 2018

  • 👻 Redaktor: AP-powered CMS; website suspended, no actual code repo

  • ✔️ brutalinks (Fedi account): Link aggregator inspired by Reddit MIT, Go

  • Flarum: Experimental plugin for Flarum forum software by @squeevee

  • ✔️ Kbin (site) - Link aggregator and microblogging platform for Fediverse AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • ✔️ Lemmy: Link aggregator, by @LemmyDev AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • Existing Reddit replacement adding AP support, AP issue still open

  • ✔️ lotide: A federated forum / link aggregator. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • ✔️ MoonTree: Link aggregator, a work in progress MIT, Typescript

  • ✔️ Smilodon: the server by Purism used in LibreOne, not the abandoned Tuxcraft server or Pylodon client; a complementary fork of Mastodon, focusing on opt-in public spaces AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • vxwClub: Simple social groups compatible with ActivityPub. MIT, PHP

  • 👻 Anancus: By @tuxether, Link aggregator, discontinued?

  • 👻 Prismo (Fedi account): Link aggregator. Latest update - May 2019. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

Media-hosting Apps

  • ✔️ Anfora (site): (formerly Zinat) Image sharing AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ CastoPod Host (site, Fedi account): An open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact with their audience. AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • ✔️ Catcast D (Fedi account): A federated video live streaming platform Unknown, TypeScript

  • ✔️ FChannel: A libre, self-hostable, federated, imageboard platform that utilizes ActivityPub. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • 🎉 ✔️ FunkWhale (site): Music streaming AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ Librecast LIVE (Fedi account, site): Live Streaming Video Platform with Multicast GPL-2.0-only OR GPL-3.0-only, JavaScript

  • ✔️ Minipub (site): Minimal ActivityPub server for posting federated podcast comments MIT, TypeScript

  • ✔️ Owncast (site, Fedi account): Owncast is a self-hosted live video and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software. MIT, Go

  • 🎉 ✔️ PeerTube (Fedi account, site): Video-hosting site using WebTorrent AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • 🎉 ✔️ PixelFed (site, Fedi account): Photo Sharing. For Everyone. A free and ethical photo sharing platform. AGPL-3.0, PHP

  • Podverse (Fedi account, site): Web app for the Podverse podcast clip sharing system. AGPL-3.0, TypeScript

  • (Fedi account, site): is a minimalist tool for publishing and sharing your photos on the web. (Not really started yet)

  • 👻 Acorde - federated social music platform. Almost a year has passed since the initial commit

  • 👻 Fontina - proposed as a photo-sharing social media network. GH repo has gone read-only, and now says "dead project"

  • 👻 Marmota: Streaming service like Spotify. No commits - since March 2019

  • 👻 Pubcast (site): Podcasting platform that allows people to listen to podcasts in a new way. Latest commit - March 2019. MPL-2.0, Go

  • 👻 PeerPx: Social network for photographers (alternative to 500px / Flickr); Latest commit - October 2018

  • 👻 ✔️ reel2bits (site): Music and podcast hosting, AGPL-3.0, Python

  • 👻 Soundstorm: The Federated Social Audio Platform. (Currently inactive, see issue) GPL-3.0, Python

Events and Meetups

Files, Contacts, and Calendar Syncing Apps

Open data

  • ✔️ bopwiki (Fedi account): An experimental 'microwiki implementation' / 'mini CMS' with ActivityPub support. GPL-3.0, Common Lisp

  • ✔️ CPub: a semantic web server, implements a Linked Data Platform (LDP), uses RDF Turtle as serialization format, part of the openEngiadina project AGPL-3.0, Elixir

  • ✔️ Inventaire (site, Fedi account): A libre collaborative resource mapper powered by open-knowledge, starting with books. (Considers AP integration, see Github issue) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • ✔️ OLKi (site, Fedi account): A self-hosted linguistic corpora exchange platform that aims to be a simple gateway to the Fediverse for scientific interaction AGPL-3.0, Python

  • Openki (site): An interactive p2p web-platform to provide barrier-free access to education for everyone. (not federated yet, see AP feature request) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • ✔️ SemApps (site): A collaborative, generic knowledge management system. Aims to ease data storage and filtering. Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • ✔️ SkoHub (site): Creates a publication / subscription infrastructure for Open Educational Resources. It allows to follow specific subjects and to be notified when new content about that subject is published. Apache-2.0, JavaScript

  • XWiki (site, Fedi account): An advanced open source Enterprise Wiki (via the ActivityPub Extension). LGPL 2.1, Java


  • ✔️ 🎉 Bookwyrm (site, Fedi account): A federated alternative to Goodreads (non-OSS license) ANTI-CAPITALIST SOFTWARE LICENSE v1.4, Python

  • ✔️ Learn Awesome: Open-source equivalent review aggregation site. Think GoodReads, but generalized to all learning resources organized by topics, formats and difficulty. AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • 👻 exlibris: A social network dedicated to tracking and discussing what you're reading, based on go-fed (development stalled, see this toot). Latest commit - October 2020 MIT, Go

  • 👻 Readlebee ( Fedi account): An attempt to create a viable Goodreads alternative, book reading progress, lists, reviews, comments (Project looking for new Maintainers) AGPL-3.0, JavaScript


  • ✔️ Dharma: A federated community-building platform for Eve Online corporations. AGPL-3.0, Go

  • ✔️ Guild Website: Federating guild website using GuildWars2 API MIT, Go

  • ✔️ (site, Fedi account): Challenge someone to a game of chess using toots. An ActivityPub server with a single hardcoded King service actor that acts as a chess arbiter. MIT, TypeScript

  • ✔️ Wolfgame (Fedi account): Wolfgame is a lot like Mafia. Once started the game simulates day/night cycle and allows players to vote for who might be a werewolf during the day. MIT, Python

  • 👻 FediQuest (site): A federated alternative to traditionally centralized question & answer platforms, such as Quora/StackOverflow. GPL-3.0, Go

Software development

  • ✔️ ForgeFlux (site, Fedi account): API-space software forge federation. Will implement ForgeFed external to the forges, using the forge's HTTP APIs. AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ ForgeFriends (site, Fedi account): An online service to federate forges. MIT, Go

  • Gitea (site): A community managed lightweight code hosting solution. (In progress. For status, see: go-gitea/#18240, gitea/#3) MIT, Go

  • ✔️ Vervis (Fedi account): Eventually-decentralized project hosting and management platform. Reference implementation for ForgeFed protocol extension. AGPL-3.0, Haskell

  • 👻 Distbin (site): Post bin. Latest commit - September 2019. Apache-2.0, TypeScript



  • activitypub-core: An attempt to build a spec-compliant ActivityPub server in Node.js. MIT, TypeScript

  • Alovoa (site): Free and open-source dating platform that respects your privacy (considering AP support, see issue) AGPL-3.0, Java

  • Communecter (site): Manage cities as a connected citizen, produce openCityData, manage organizations, projects, events openly, an open societal approach (intends to add AP support, see this issue) Apache-2.0, PHP

  • ✔️ Corteza (site): "Digital Work Platform for Humanity" an open-source, low-code federated platform for building cloud-based business apps with CRM capabilities Apache-2.0, Go

  • FairSync (site): Develops and collects best practices to synchronize maps and events and to federate messengers and identities. (Funded with NGI0, implementing ActivityStreams, but AP support not clear, currently unlicensed) Unknown, Java

  • ✔️ FitTrackee (Fedi account): A simple self-hosted workout / activity tracker. (Still considering AP support, see issue) AGPL-3.0, Python

  • ✔️ hvxahv-platform (site: A multifunctional decentralized social network implementation. MIT, Go

  • ✔️ Immers Space (Fedi account): The decent(ralized) metaverse. AGPL-3.0, JavaScript

  • Inbox (site): An application built for a diploma thesis to showcase work with Linked Data Notifications, Activity Streams and ActivityPub, using Solid pod as data provider. (See also Solid forum discussion. No license, see issue) Unknown, TypeScript

  • Life Server (site): A decentralized personal data framework inspired by MIT's Solid Project (AP support planned, see Roadmap), MIT, JavaScript

  • ✔️ Ocelot Social: Free and open-source social network for active citizenship. MIT, JavaScript

  • retrospring (site, Fedi account): Q&A based social network. Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends. (AP support planned. See: Github issue) AGPL-3.0, Ruby

  • Smartlike (site, Fedi account): A free non-profit decentralized donation processor with a focus on freedom, privacy and efficiency. AGPL-3.0, Rust

  • 👻 Agora: Home page, POC to use ActivityPub on top of the Solid Platform. - developed by Latest commit - June 2020

  • 👻 Indienet - homepage - abandoned in favour of Tincan development

  • 👻 Numa - built on Ethereum blockchain but intended to federate with AP. No commits since April 2018. No reply on issue about AP compatibility testing from May 8. Homepage now a spam site

  • 👻 Pantheon: Platform for building communities. No commits - since September 2019


Aside from project homepages and issue trackers, and comments made on the fediverse, the SocialWG has a list of projects they hoped would implement ActivityPub and links to issues where it's discussed. Also, there is an implementation report on @Mayel from created a web spreadsheet of AP apps and their characteristics. More projects using AP are profiled on We Distribute by Sean Tilley and his team. There are boards for discussing a range of AP implementations on the SocialHub forum. has a list of AP servers and client apps. The ActivityPub tag on GH is also a way to discover projects experimenting with AP.


If you have questions or feedback regarding this list, then please create an Issue in our tracker, and optionally @mention one or more of our maintainers:


With delight we present you some of our delightful contributors (please add yourself if you are missing).


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